Income Tax Refund Status: Know your ITR Status Online/Offline

Know your Income Tax Refund Status

Filing an IT is a responsibility of every Indians. Government earns money from it which is then used for the betterment of India. In case if you have applied for a refund of your income tax, then you can track it down from here. There are different ways to track your online income tax refund status and all of them shared here!

Check your ITR status in few seconds. We have shown how to check a status of income tax return over the internet and by email or call. The online and offline facilities by IT are a boon for tax payers. You can verify your tax payments and TDS in few moments. However, if you are new at checking ITR status online, you might get confused. There are multiple online ways of checking Income tax refund status. Hence, we have shown in this posts all these different ways separately. You can use the way which is most convenient to you. The online facility of verifying ITR status is available at TIN-NSDL portal as well e-filling site. The offers the facility of knowing your IT refund status.

We will be guiding you in this post to track your income tax refund status. You can check it at the official portal of IT department or at NSDL. This online process is very simple. You can just enter your PAN number and Assessment year to know the details. We have also given you brief information on online payment of income tax. Also, we will be sharing information on how to file for a refund. Whenever there are excess deductions of taxes from your salary, you need to file a return. If you have claimed for return but not received it, no need to worry. Without any hassle of visiting any office, just spend a few minutes.

income tax refund status

How to Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

Go through below steps and check your income tax refund status at NSDL website:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Enter your PAN Card number.
  3. Choose assessment year for which you wish to know ITR status.
  4. Click the ‘Submit’ button and view Income Tax Refund Status.

You will see the status message on the screen. If you have changed your address, it may show “Refund Cheque returned undelivered” status message. The status messages shown will be very clear to understand for you.

Get Income Tax Refund Status by Call or Email

IT department has taken care of tax payers who do not have easy access to the internet. You can get income tax refund status to your Email id. A phone call to the toll-free SBI helpdesk will also get you the ITR status. See the details here:

  1. Call on SBI help desk number: 1800 425 9760 and enquire about income tax return status.
  2. Send an email request for ITR status to or

You can use offline or online way to know your ITR status. Whatever you way use, make sure that you start checking it 2-3 weeks from the date of deposit.

If you Do not Receive your Income Tax Refund

If you do not receive your refund, call on following numbers. The numbers belong to Central Processing Unit of IT Department. Call on these number for income tax refund enquiries:

  • 1800 4250 0025
  • 080 2650 0025

The excess income tax is deducted from your salaries when you fail to declare some investments. E-filing provides online facility to claim for refund of this excess TDS. It takes few months to receive refunds after application.

What is ITR-V? How to Check ITR-V Receipt Status Online

When you file for return without using the digital signature, you will receive an ITR-V receipt. When IT department verifies that your return is filed online successfully, it send an ITR-V receipt to you. If you do not receive ITR-V, you can check the status online.

Enter your PAN card number and select the Assessment year. Enter the captcha code and click on View option to see the ITR-V status.

Our site carries all information taxpayers need to know about their income tax refund. Besides refund, we will be bringing useful information on income tax payment and Form 26AS. The online and offline ways will help you knowing your ITR status in few seconds. If you are a retired person and want to know your EPF balance or TDS on EPF, then you can go through EPF balance portal for more information. Do use the comment feature in a case of any confusion. Income tax department is offering many other facilities online. We have made them simpler with step wise elaborations on the procedures. Stay with us for any information on income tax refund status and income tax payment.

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