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Learn all about Chhattisgarh value added tax. This post presents a complete overview of CG commercial tax known as CG VAT. The Chhattisgarh commercial tax department levies value added tax on specified goods. The tax is applicable at different rates on the different products. In Chhattisgarh, the VAT is categorized into two schedules. The schedule 1 encompasses all the products exempted from VAT. Schedule 2 is comprised of four divisions covering all the products attracting this tax. Also, consider checking all information posted on income tax payment and TDS.

Likewise other facilities, tax-related procedures are also made online in all the states. If you are confused about paying your taxes online, is the best stop for you. Learn how to pay your taxes online and stay relaxed. This post specifically discusses all the signification procedures of CG VAT. Check out the Chhattisgarh VAT rates, forms, and registration process. The essential products are generally exempted from the value added tax. The schedule I contain around 100 of articles. The major ones exempted from VAT are agricultural and other essential products.

CG commercial tax

CG VAT Rates

If you are planning for VAT registration of your business, you would definitely need the rates. Here are the rates at which your product will be taxed.

Schedule II of CG commercial tax contain all the products which are taxed with value added tax. The schedule is divided into four different parts. Products under these parts are taxed differently.

  • Part I – 1% – Gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals. Jewellery and ornaments made of these metals are also included.
  • Par 2 – 4% – More than 118 items are covered under Part 2. The major ones are processed fruits, bamboo, and candles. Also include cotton, edible oil, and tea.
  • Part 3 – 25% VAT is levied on gas, petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, and tendu leaves
  • Part 4 – All the goods which are not covered under any of the above parts come under this part. All these goods attract 12.5% value added tax.

For more information, you may visit the official website of the CG commercial tax department.

Online VAT Registration Procedure

Any business with a turnover of Rs. 10 lakh in a financial year needs to get VAT registration. Form 10 is prescribed for application to register. The online process of e-registration is quick and simple. Follow the given link and the succeeding instructions:

  1. Click here to access the official site of CG commercial tax.
  2. First of all, register yourself by using the option of ‘New User’.
  3. After creating your login id and password, you can avail other online services.
  4. Choose the option e-services.
  5. Check the box for VAT at the next page.
  6. Select the e-registration option to fill up the form 10.
  7. Provide all details of your business. Furnish your PAN details and bank account details.
  8. Your application for registration will be scrutinized by the authorities.

Chhattisgarh Vat

The CG commercial tax department will carry out due verification. After approval, you can download your VAT registration certificate online. The original will be sent to you in due course.

Chhattisgarh VAT Payment and Return e-Filing Forms

The Chhattisgarh commercial tax department has prescribed 70 different forms. The forms can be downloaded freely from the official website. As explained above, form 10 is required for the registration application. To file returns of VAT, form 18 is to be submitted to the authorities. The online VAT payment is available through an e-Challan. You can pay using the selected banks listed on the page. An e-Challan will be generated.

VAT returns are also filed online by uploading the statement. The returns should be filed within 30 days from the date of ending of the quarter. The official website of Chhattisgarh commercial tax department also facilitates users for other taxes. Other taxes levied include entry tax, luxury tax, and professional tax. Users can also search and verify any dealer using this portal. Just enter the TIN number of the dealer you want to verify.

We are sure the information is helping dealers registered with CG commercial tax department. Stay with us for more updates on commercial taxes and income tax. Paying different taxes is a duty of all the citizens. Also check other states commercial tax like Bihar commercial tax, Gujarat and AP commercial tax at our website. A lot of people are searching for tax-payment formalities and filing returns. Procedures for online tax payments and returns are made online by the authorities. Hence, our blog helps in simplifying the otherwise cumbersome processes. Related information for other states is also published on our blog.

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