Commercial Tax UP: Uttar Pradesh VAT Return and Payment Registration

How to Check Commercial Tax UP

A very large number of dealers are registered under the UP Vat Act. A VAT registration with the commercial tax UP department is mandatory for the dealers. The eligibility criteria and registration process are discussed here. Though VAT was implemented in many states in 2005 while Uttar Pradesh chose to stay out. However, in 2008 the VAT Act was implemented in the state. Since then the VAT taxation is regulated across the state. With the largest number of manufacturers and traders, the state is having GDP of 8.8 crores. This information is all about UP VAT registration, e-payment, and return filing. is a common place to get guidelines for payment of taxes in India.

VAT is a tax levied on the sale of goods and services. VAT is paid by the manufacturers to the commercial tax UP department. The actual VAT is then charged to the consumers of the goods. If you are just starting up a business in Uttar Pradesh, check out the conditions which make UP VAT registration compulsory for you. Procedures online payment of income tax, TDS e payment, advance tax, and commercial taxes are explained. The information here also provide the direct links to the appropriate official portals.

UP commercial tax

Who Needs VAT Registration

UP VAT registration with the commercial tax UP department is mandatory in these cases:

  1. The monthly turnover is above Rs. 41,666/-
  2. If the dealer is selling goods imported from other states.
  3. If the dealer produces goods using materials manufactured in another state.
  4. If the dealer is central sales tax registered.
  5. The dealer is not a UP resident but is producing or selling in the state.
  6. All liquor sellers, cold storages, brokers, and commission agents need UP VAT registration.

To apply for VAT registration as a dealer, VAT VII form is needed.

Latest UP VAT Forms

Following forms should be filled up and submitted to the authorities for registration.

Other forms related to commercial tax UP  are also available on the related official website. You may download these forms from

Commercial tax UP

For any information, dealers may also contact the toll free number. Call commercial tax UP helpline on 1800 180 5223.

UP VAT Payment and E-Filing VAT Return

Companies or individuals dealing in products like medicines, oil, coal, cement, iron and steel, and electronic goods need to file VAT returns every month. Other dealers should file their returns within 20 days from the last day of the previous month. Before 31st October, all the returns should be filed for the assessment year. The due dates for VAT payments and VAT returns are the same. Official website of commercial tax UP department offers the online facility of uploading VAT returns. Follow the link for e-return at the homepage of the Login using your TIN number and password to file e-return by uploading data in the excel sheets.

Uttar Pradesh VAT Rates

The goods are categorized into different schedules and parts for application of different tax rates. The standard VAT rates are 1% and 4%. Follow the below link to the commercial tax UP rates page to know the tax rates for all the goods under different schedules.

You will also know the goods which are entirely exempted from the UP VAT tax. Likewise other states, Uttar Pradesh commercial tax also exempts agricultural goods and agricultural equipment.

Our blog is posting useful information related to all the state commercial taxes like telangana commercial tax, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and more. We are helping taxpayers to go through the online procedures of tax-payment easily. The online tax payment is the best way to pay the tax without the hassle of visiting the offices. Dealers from other states can refer to the similar information for their states posted separately. You might also be interested in checking your income tax refund status online. The online process for the same is provided on our blog. UP commercial tax website provides all the guidelines and procedures for dealers. For any other information related to UP VAT, we suggest dealers to refer to the official site.

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