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Rajasthan Commercial Tax Online

Rajasthan commercial tax department has a user-friendly portal for the dealers. It allows registration, downloading forms, and e-payments of raj VAT online. The value added tax is levied on fixed percentage basis. A certain percentage of the overall sales amount is levied as VAT. The rate of the tax differs according to the product. At the same time, many products are also exempted due to their essential nature. All the information related to Rajasthan value added tax is shared here. The registration, payment, e-returns, and forms are necessary to follow for the dealers. Users will also find information on commercial taxes of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Various online facilities are provided through online portals. Rajasthan commercial tax-related procedures are carried out on rajtax.gov.in and egras.raj.nic.in. Other taxes are also levied by the commercial tax department of the state. These are entry tax, luxury tax, electricity duty tax, and entertainment tax. All information provided in the post are based on the current rules of the tax department. They are subject to change with the time.

Commercial tax Rajasthan

RAJ VAT Rates and Schedules

The value added tax in Rajasthan is levied on the goods imported or produced in the state. The rate of raj vat ranges from 0.25% to 65% depending upon the type of product. Recently, in February 2016, the rate of 5% was revised to 5.5%. However, the majority of the items are attracting rates from 0.25% to 15%. Higher rates are applied on products like pan masala, and cigarettes.

The thresholds are specified for the annual turnover of the firms. A firm with annual turnover equal to and above Rs. 10 lakhs attract value added tax. Check out the detailed information on schedules to know the applicable rates

  • Schedule I – All exempted goods farming equipment and agricultural food products and dairy products.
  • Schedule II – When exemptions are provided by the institutions like UNO, and diplomatic missions.
  • Schedule – III – Goods taxed at the rate of 1%. Covers all the precious metals and gemstones. Jewelleries made from them are also included.
  • Schedule IV – Total 152 categories under this schedule are charged 4% raj VAT. The major products include fertilizers, licenses, patents, utensils, bricks, two wheelers and three wheelers, medicines, industrial cables, and specified IT products.
  • Schedule V – 12% VAT is levied on the products covered under 5th It covers all other products that are not included in the any of the above schedules.
  • Schedule – VI – The products which attract higher tax than 12% are covered under the 6th The specified rates are 20%, 28% or 50%. Some of the products included are foreign liquor, molasses, petrol, and opium.

Rajasthan commercial tax

Rajasthan VAT Online Registration

The official portal of Rajasthan commercial tax department allows online registration. It is a simple process where you will be providing your information online. For any help, you may approach the circle office. Refer to the menu section on the homepage. Move the cursor to the e-services. You will see multiple options. Click on e-registration. Use the option of new users or sign up. Create your login id and password and provide following details:

  1. Permanent account number of your firm.
  2. Date of initiation of your business (date of incorporation in the case of the company).
  3. Firm name, place, and email address.
  4. Submit the details to Rajasthan commercial tax authorities online. A notification with regard to the successful subscription should appear on the screen.
  5. Dealers can check their registration status online. Use the option of e-tracking and verification given in the menu.

For payment of taxes, taxpayers should use the e-services and e-payment option. Similarly, dealers can file returns on this Rajasthan commercial tax website.

Rajasthan VAT Forms

Around 70 forms VAT forms are prescribed by the Rajasthan commercial tax department. Users can download the forms from the website. The most commonly used forms are listed below.

Rajasthan Commercial Tax – VAT Forms

Form VAT-01 Application For value added tax registration
Form VAT-01B Affidavit for obtaining e-Registration
Form VAT-02 Declaration of Business Manager or proprietor
Form VAT-03 Registration Certificate
Form VAT-04 Application for issue of duplicate registration Certificate
Form VAT-05 Application for amendment in the registration certificate
Form VAT-06 Application for insurance of branch certificate
Form VAT-06A Application for closure of Business

It is mandatory to submit PAN details to register under VAT. If you are looking to apply for any other procedure, refer to the form section on the raj commercial tax website.

Rajasthan commercial tax department is administering and monitoring the tax implementation in the state. It is very significant to pay taxes on time. Evasion of the commercial taxes attracts penalties. Since the payment of taxes is made digital, people are often navigating for help. Myincometaxrefund.in is providing guidance to pay taxes online. If you are not familiar with the online tax payments, refer to our individual posts for the payment of different taxes. The important procedures shared on our blog are income tax online payment, TDS payment, and payment of VAT.

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