Service Tax Payment: How to Do Online Service Tax Payment Easiest Way

How to Pay Service Tax Payment Online

Service tax payment procedure is elaborated here for the benefit of the taxpayers. Service tax is collected by the government from certain kind of service providers. It is levied only on certain kind of specified services. This tax is paid either by the service provider or a receiver. From the year 2014, the Central Board of Excise and Customs has made it a rule to pay service tax payment digitally through internet banking. All the service tax assesses and central excise assesses have to pay the service tax online payment using the official website. If you are looking for a complete procedure of EASIEST e-payment of service tax, this is the right place. In case, if you are keen, you can also do advance tax payment. There are many other guides features on this blog.

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This post covers a step-wise procedure of service tax payment or e-payment. Timely payment of excise and service tax are very important. Service tax is a type of an indirect tax which is operational since 1994. The financial budget fixes the range of service for which service tax will be levied. The service tax is paid only if the value of the services is above Rs. 10 lakh in the financial year. A taxpayer has to apply for the service tax registration within 30 days from the date of the charge of this tax.

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Service Tax Payment Online Procedure

Service tax payment is done using the EASIEST e-payment facility by CBEC. EASIEST is Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service tax. It is an e-payment facility launched in 2007.

  1. Click here to reach the EASIEST e-payment page.
  2. First of all, enter the Assessee code no. in the given box.
  3. If your code is valid, you will see all the details of the Assessee on the screen. The details will include name, address, commissionerate code etc.
  4. The type of tax you have to pay will be automatically selected based on the assesse code.
  5. Select the type of tax as “Select Accounting Codes for Service Tax”.
  6. At a single instalment, any assesse can select maximum 6 accounting codes.
  7. Once the data is validated, you will see a drop down menu. The menu will contain a list of banks for payment.
  8. Select any bank from the drop down menu.
  9. Upon selecting the bank, you will see your net banking details on the screen.
  10. Confirm the detail and reach the net-banking page of the bank you have selected.
  11. Login your net banking page and enter payment details.
  12. Upon successful service tax online payment transaction, a counterfoil challan will be generated. It will show CIN and payment details with bank name.

Preserve the counterfoil carefully as it is the proof of your online service tax payment. Besides the counterfoil or CIN, you can also check your bank statement for verification of the payment. in the case of loss of the counterfoil, use your bank’ website for re-generation of the e-challan. You can also get in touch with your bank and request for the duplicate counterfoil.

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Service Tax e-Payment Challan Status Enquiry

You should use the feature ‘challan status enquiry’ at the same suggested page of EASIEST e-payment. This will ensure that the payment is appropriately updated and accounted. If you notice that your payment details are not uploaded at the “challan status enquiry”, write your complaint to  All the payment data are transmitted from EASIEST website to the NSDL EASIEST website automatically. If you find that the challan is updated, do match it with your counterfoil. Details like the name of the bank and service tax e-payment amount should be complying.

Since it is mandatory to pay service tax online, service providers need to learn the procedure. Banks as well NSDL play very important role in online service tax payment. The data screen for entry of challan details is provided by NSDL. The validation of the assesse code is also done by the NSDL against the assesse code master. The banks are authorized for collecting service tax. Not all the banks are authorized to collect service tax payment online for all commissionerates. The list of the authorized banks is available at the EASIEST e-payment page. For more information on central excise and service tax, visit the official site of Central Board of Excise and Customs.

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