TDS Traces

TDS Traces

TDS Traces refers to TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. We have shared here all the online facilities available at this correction enabling system.

The online mechanism is introduced by income tax department. This online system allows tax deductors to correct the already filed TDS return data online. All facilities offered by the traces are available at In this article, we have shown how to avail services at traces. You will get familiar with all aspects and benefits of traces. Traces is an online place launched by income tax department and dedicated to smoothen up TDS administration. The site will also be showing challan status and statements of TDS and taxes repaid. Users can download NSDL consolidated files, TDS certificates, and TDS default reports.

Some of the data from the NSDL and income tax website are transferred to the TDS traces portal. The new portal of is created to improve interaction between tax deductor, tax payer, CPC, and income tax department. Users who are already registered at the NSDL tin website need not register at traces. The registration details will work for a single time login only. For the second login, you will be asked to register at the traces site. However, currently, the online uploads of e-TDS and e-TCS statement are enabled at the income tax efiling site. We also give you detail about how to Download Form 26AS from TRACES.

tds traces

TDS Traces Login

Once you register at the traces portal, you can avail a host of facilities. Here is the procedure to register and login:

  1. Visit the site:
  2. If you are not registered at traces and trying to login for the first time, you may login with your existing user id and password as active on TIN and your TAN number.
  3. Tax deductors should use the TAN number as their user id. Tax payers should use PAN number as user id for login.

Currently, all the facilities are not activated at the TDS traces portal. You can still use this portal to get e-tutorials, download Form 26QB, Form26AS and Form 16 or 16A.

Download TDS Challan from Traces

The challan ITNS 281 can be downloaded from the below link for forms at the traces site:

Challan 281 is used to pay TDS or TCS by tax deductor. Besides TDS challan, you can download other forms form the given link of traces. Download form 16, form 16A, 16B, form 27A form 26AS and all other forms required for quarterly returns.

How to View Form 26AS from TDS Traces

Form 26AS is a yearly statement with details of tax credits or tax refunds. Form 26AS also contains details of TDS refunds. It is maintained by income tax department for each tax payer individually. Form 26AS shows a statement of tax credits against PAN number. PAN holders registered at the tds traces site, can view their Form 26AS on tds traces. It will be available from 2008-2009 onwards. Follow the below steps to view your Form 26AS at TDS traces website:

tds traces portal

  1. Visit and login with your user id and password. Register yourself if you are not yet registered at the site.
  2. Enter your PAN number, date of birth and password.
  3. Type the captcha code and login.
  4. A new page will appear with left side bar menu. Click on ‘View Form 26AS’.
  5. A message will appear saying that you will be redirected to the TDS-CPC site.
  6. Give a click on ‘confirm’ button.
  7. You will be now at TDS traces site.
  8. Check the box for ‘I agree to the usage and acceptance of Form 16 and Form 16 A generated at traces.’
  9. Click on the ‘proceed’ button.
  10. Follow the link given at the bottom of the page – ‘click view tax credit (form 26AS) to view your Form 26AS).
  11. Select the financial year for which you want to see your Form 26AS. Choose pdf format if you want to download the form in pdf.
  12. Click on ‘view/download’ option.
  13. To open or download the document, you need to enter a password. Use your DOB in DDMMYYYY format as your password.

You should also get familiar with online TDS payment while using the portal. Now you should see your form 26AS on the screen. The Part A of the form 26AS contains TDS deducted on salary, pension income, prize winnings and interest incomes. All these statements will be shown on a quarterly basis.

Important guides

How to file ITR

TDS traces is an official website, integrated with Tin-nsdl portal and income tax efiling portal. It is an official site by income tax department. Hence, you can use it to view TDS statements without any worries. Functionalities of TDS traces is limited yet. You can keep on following traces official sites for which we have shown the link above. Make sure to follow website for more guides and updates. Keep on checking latest facilities and updates on the sites. The homepage also notifies of specific facilities currently available at tin-nsdl or income tax efiling portal. Do refer to our posts on online payment and refund status of TDS

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