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VAT rule came into effect in Tamil Nadu from the year 2007. Since then it is applied to the sale of goods. Dealers need to pay VAT at every level of the sale and purchase. VAT is levied on all the products by TN commercial tax department. This post guides dealers for online VAT registration, payment, and filing return. Useful information on obtaining VAT forms, rates, and the schedule is also shared. Tn does TN collect taxes based on interest and dividend earnings of peoples.

With all the information on our blog, it is easier to know your VAT and income tax. also provides comprehensive information on tax deducted at source.Before you start exploring more information on TN VAT, know what is VAT and TN commercial tax. A value added tax in India as a consumption tax ultimately borne by the consumers. But the VAT is paid by the dealers or manufacturers to the TN commercial tax department.

It is levied by the government at a stage of production and final sale. The amount of tax depends upon the cost of the product. It also deducts the costs of the input materials that are already taxed. Besides India, 160 countries across the world follow the value added tax mechanism. Also we shared commercial tax related information state wise like Delhi commercial tax, kerala commercial tax and Uttar pradesh commercial tax at our website.

TN Commercial Tax

Tamil Nadu VAT Registration

Following category of dealers are liable for VAT registration and VAT payment. Every dealer liable to get registered need not necessarily pay value added tax.

  1. The dealers with total turnover not less than Rs. 10 lakhs for a particular year need to get registered and pay tax.
  2. Dealers with a turnover of and above Rs. 5 lakhs should get VAT registration.
  3. Dealers who wish to start a business.

Access the official website by

A fee of Rs. 500 is applied for VAT registration of the business place. For registration of branches, workshops go-downs, and warehouses, Rs. 50/- is charged. A dealer can cancel the registration if he requires so. A certificate of registration is issued by TN commercial tax department within 30 days. The days will be considered from the date of the receipt of your application.

TN VAT Rates

Find here the schedules, products, and the taxable rate.

TN VAT Rates


Schedule Tax % Commodity Code Commodity Description
Schedule I  – Part A 1% 101, 102, 103 and 104 Bullion, Gold, Silver, Precious Stones like Diamond etc.,
Schedule I  – Part B 5% 2001 to 2150
Schedule I – Part C 14.50% 301 to 369
Schedule II 401 to 411 Liquor, Petrol,  Diesel, Tobacco
Schedule III Compounded rate for Hotels, Restaurants, and Sweet Stalls
Schedule IV – Part A 0% 601 to 610 Exempted Goods – Textile fabrics
Schedule IV – Part B 0% 701 to 781 Exempted Goods – Agricultural products and agricultural equipment used for farming
Schedule V 0% Sales to listed International Organisations
Schedule VI Need Transit Pass
Schedule VII Compounded rate for Brick manufacturers based on Kiln

The days will be considered from the date of the receipt of your application.

Tamil Nadu VAT Forms

Tamil Nadu VAT forms can be freely downloaded from the TN commercial tax portal. Different forms are prescribed for each procedure related to TN VAT. Find here the link to download the TN VAT forms:

Applicants can use the online facilities to apply for the VAT registration. Relevant form can be obtained the given page.

VAT e-Payment and e-Filing Returns

VAT returns are details of the VAT paid in form of a monthly statement. Returns are also submitted s ‘NIL’ if the VAT is not applicable. If you hold a VAT registration certificate, create your user id and password at the website of TN commercial tax department. This will enable you to use all the online facilities related to commercial taxes. E-returns and e-payment of VAT is easily done through the portal. The due date for filing returns is 12th of the succeeding month. Also, the due date for paying VAT is 20th of every month. A dealer should pay VAT for the current month before the 20th of the following month.

VAT is generally a multi-stage tax on specified goods. The value added tax is a uniform commercial tax levied by all the Indian states. TN commercial tax department also levies other taxes like entry tax, luxury tax, professional tax, and betting tax. The value added tax is the major tax paid by the manufacturers and traders. With the digital facilities, lots of dealers are searching information for Tamil Nadu VAT on the internet. All the information published on our blog are to help taxpayers with online procedures related to various taxes. The blog provides valuable information on income tax, advance tax payment online, TDS, and VAT.

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